With over 35 years restaurant experience and 10 years in restaurant promotion, advertising and branding. EatOutAtlanta’s owners are a culmination of foodies and feeders. We have all been so close to the restaurant industry for all our working lives that we feel a sense of commitment and obligation, above the needs of our own, to the owners and diners. Sadly, during the last few years of our collective experience, the Daily Deal bubble was on the rise; as were discounts, vouchers, and BoGo’s. We watched some of the best restaurants cheapen their brands, or go out of business as a result of the couponing. People, were giving up on quality and focusing on dollar value… The dining industry had changed.

We were determined to create the first AntiCoupon company to help aggregate consumers for restaurants at zero cost. We knew that restaurants had the ability to create special and unique experiences for the people who are passionate about food. From that EatOutAtlanta was born. We put pen to paper and worked on specifics: Not charging restaurants, not offering savings, not promising volume, while still being desirable to the foodies, chefs, and owners.

When our President and Art Director moved to Atlanta they came with the knowledge that chef-driven, food-focused restaurants are least likely to participate in 3rd party discount or review sites/apps. On the same hand, the more knowledgable and desirable diners are least likely to use any of those sites/apps either! Therefor we were confident that EatOutAtlanta would successfully bring these two demographics together! A place where great food is discovered by passionate people. We charge a yearly membership for consumers and restaurants will unlock unique, chef defined, exclusive dining experiences for members. Our Website and App will be home to rich, beautiful, custom profiles for great restaurants, while at the same time, being an amazing discovery tool for foodies.

Members will identify themselves either by the iPhone App or a super swanky, anodized, sandblasted, aluminum card, hand engraved with their name and information.

“EatOutAtlanta is for open-minds and open-mouths. It’s not about value, volume, or calorie counting. Its about the experience!” - Kayvon Gerami - Founder